The only 100% fresh fruit slush



Because you want the best for you and your loved ones.
Because, besides being 100% natural, it is delicious.

fruta granizada granny


At Granny's we select the best seasonal fruit at optimum ripeness.



NO additives, NO preservatives, NO emulsifiers, NO extracts, NO syrups, NO frozen pulp...



WITH the recipes, WITH the ingredients, WITH the dedication and, WITH the affection with which our grandmothers used to prepare it. To them, a thousand kisses. A ellas, besos mil.

How to prepare a Granny?

Enjoy the only 100% natural slushie in seconds. Authentic gluten-free, vegan smoothie… with the properties and characteristics of the best fruit on the market in an optimal state of ripeness.

Granny Flavours

Your opinions

Excellent product, it has a wide variety of flavours that truly taste like fruit in optimum ripeness but with the freshness of a slush and a wonderful texture. The individual packaging makes it very easy to prepare. Thanks to the fact that they are available for sale to retail, they are always available at gatherings with friends, children love them and adults love them even more, since they combine extraordinarily well with spirits. The lemon one is spectacular, either on its own or with a touch of vodka.

Discover the 100% fresh fruit slushes

My children are exhausted by the demands of these excellent slushies. One with the pineapple one and the other with the strawberry one, they do not stop eating and I am happy because I make sure they are drinking quality fruit with all its vitamins and they are also hydrated in these hot months. Thank you very much for your product.
Marian Turia
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